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As I search for my seven resources I am addressing the following inquiry question: As a language arts teacher, how can I equally serve students with vastly different personal experiences and innate abilities?

  1. Theatre.  To me, theatre is the ultimate way to bring together people of all abilities.  For starters it is a brilliant way to teach literature.  Some of the best literature in the English language are either play scripts or novels that have play adaptations.  When you put on a show you need actors who can emote and memorize lines, designers who can envision new worlds, builders who can make those worlds come alive, dramaturgs who can research and fact check–and the list goes on and on and on… The American Alliance for Theatre Education offers a great list of facts and figures as to just how theatre is improving education.
  2. I found an awesome blogspot article from reallearningroom213 called Scaffolding Literary Analysis.  In this article the analysis of literature is broken down into bite sized to assist both teacher and student.
  3. In my new favorite blogspot called The Superhero Teacher, I found what looks like the most fun lesson plan ever.  In 5 Tips for Teaching The Great Gatsby, this amazing teacher includes mini-lessons on 1930s slang, and fashion, not to mention adorable illustrations.The Superhero Teacher
  4. Study All Knight is an awesome blog that claims to offer “English Teacher Resources for the 21st Century.”  It seems true to its claim–one exciting project being fill and color-in biography pages for a women’s history project. Study All Knight
  5. At Teachers Pay Teachers, blogger Stephanie Wolters offers up a reasonably priced Renaissance Faire kit to introduce high schoolers to Shakespeare, which includes games, food, and costumes!
  6. Another blogspot entitled “Learning from my mistakes” seems to embody the notion of openly networked teaching, as this teacher offers a “warts and all” view of teaching in the high school English classroom.
  7. Finally, I found Drama Teacher Lady’s blogspot, entitled The Life and Times of a High School Drama Teacher.  This blog feels useful in a different way than the rest.  Here, Ms. Lady posts about the successes of her plays and commiserates with others as to her individual issues.  It feels like group therapy.  In a good way.

That’s all for now.


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